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Testimonials from Current and Past Students of the Meditation Teacher Training Program.

“Thank you so much Shane. I cannot even begin to share how much I have learned in this time. Not only has it deepened my meditation practice, but also allowed me to understand more about what is needed to be a guide for others”.



“Thank you. I'm excited to be wrapping up! This has been a great journey and I'm already hosting group sessions and workshops to get my feet wet”!



“Again I learned so much about myself and can more and more see myself teaching. My first 8 week class is starting in 3 weeks. I cannot believe it. I am more and more at ease about this and the class is filling up seemingly on its own. The library does all of the registration and is paying me. Such an ideal set up. Such an exciting thing to happen in my life”.




"This workshop was very peaceful and inspiring to me, thank you Shane".

Bruce W.

Mesa, Arizona


"Shane, you provided tools and experiential learning which has helped the movement of meditation from the cushion into daily life. You provided the opportunity for continued growth and development in the area of mindfulness”, “Thank you for your time and consideration”.

With Metta,



“You've given me many things to contemplate, ponder, process. I wanted you to know it's so appreciated. Good souls can be hard to come by sometimes. And when they do, I love it! Thanks again”!

My Best,




"Great overview... impressive... Shane you are a teacher's teacher for sure"!



“Yes thank you so much it was a wonderful class! You have quite a talent with instruction! We are looking. Forward to attending your other classes”



“I do want to say that I really enjoyed this training. It thoroughly covered so many aspects of meditation.  Also, the handouts are truly helpful and I'm sure I will be referring to them. I'm hopeful that in the future I will be able to take part in one of your retreats in Arizona.



“First, I'd like to let you know how amazing this course is. Your delivery and content are amazing. I love how the videos show interactions with other students and their insights - it really adds to the feeling of being part of a class”.

Janessa G


“Thank you so much for everything! I've really enjoyed the class, learned a lot, and plan to take more of your online courses”.



“I enjoyed the program very much and the information I received was invaluable.  I already have two 8 week courses, a women's Labor Day weekend retreat and a weekly meditation group under my belt and hope to expand the retreats as well as go into corporate wellness programs.  Your course has certainly changed my life and allows me to fulfill my purpose

of cultivating peace.  Many thanks Shane”.




“Thanks!  I think I mentioned before, but the amount and depth of the content is unbelievable. Thanks for all the hard work pulling this together”.




“Thanks, Shane! Yes, I should be done with Module 4 within the next week or so. Can't wait to dive into the next one! It's been a great program, and not only to learn new meditation techniques and how to teach them to others, but also just to strengthen and deepen my own practice. I've really enjoyed it”.



“I participated in the online Meditation Teacher Training and found it to be excellent. It covered a wide variety of topics, was thorough in covering each, and I loved the combination of the extensive and thoughtful written materials as well as the videos. The practice quizzes after each module were also helpful in preparing for the scored quizzes. I got lots of personal notes from Shane along the way. I highly recommend this course. Thank you, Shane, for helping me along my path”.




“Hi Shane, I just wanted to say thank you for developing this wonderful program and sharing your valuable knowledge.  I enjoyed being with you and the others to discuss meditation. My personal practice has benefitted greatly, not to mention my confidence to actually teach meditation to others. I am blessed to have you as my teacher and friend”. 

With Metta, Gena


“It's been more than an awakening and has opened countless possibilities to take part in the program. The deepest gratitude for your expression through this opportunity forever resides in my heart! Let me know when the next live class is and I will certainly stop by and celebrate! It's been wonderful cocreating"!

Thank you ever so much!



“Thank you Shane for another very well thought module. I am studying with you because of the thoroughness of your program and am very grateful”.




“Thanks for your comments and for all you do. I'm very happy to have decided to take this class. You have a wonderful way of sharing a special message. My practice is benefiting from your retreats, the meditation instructor course, and the meditation class. I look forward to meeting Bhante G later this month too! See you soon”.

All the best,



“Thank you very much Shane!! I love the course very much!! It's very interesting and very well explained!” 


In gratitude 



“I really am grateful to be studying meditation & mindfulness with you. I feel so happy to be taught & supported by you because your love for the Dhamma really shines through your teachings”.




“I am enjoying the classes so much and they are literally my reward for the rest of things I do every day.”




“Thanks Shane.  I am really enjoying the material so far and look forward to each weeks new material”.



“Greetings Shane,

I am so grateful for this amazing program that you have put together. I love hearing the history and the guidance to building a foundation as an instructor. I have been practicing on and off for 20 years. I became certified in teaching children meditation after seeing the profound effect it had on my nine year old cousin after the death of our Grandfather. As a stay at home Mom it gave me the ability to help my own children develop a life long tool. In 2016 my family faced profound changes that brought me back in to a serious practice of mediation. Meditation is what kept me calm in the midst of one of the biggest storms of my life. I know it is what also saved my life at that time. I would love nothing more than to be able to share this tool and gift with people from all walks of life. I greatly look forward to this journey through your program!”


Asked to remain ominous 

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