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Image by Europeana
Image by Europeana

A lifetime of solving difficult challenges for myself, my children, friends and family has taken me to this place of sharing. I have included my "resume" on the "ABOUT ME" page, so that you are able to see what my journey has looked like, as I help you unravel yours.

Parenting Difficult Children

Nothing is more damaging to a family than a child with challenges. 

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There are simple steps one can easily take to improve health and increase energy.


Cooking/Meal Planning

Simplify the way you plan and prepare meals.

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Take charge of your financial life with simple budgeting tools.

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Living with Cancer

A family member with cancer can turn life upside down.

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Form new habits or make adjustments to existing ones.



Add or enhance a spiritual practice that has scientific evidence of its impact.


Spiritual Guidance

We are all "ONE" and there are many paths to remembering this very important aspect of being alive.


Law of Attraction

We have more control over our life experience than we recognize.

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Self Love/Self Esteem

In my view, the lack of this is the single most common and harmful human affliction.

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Grief Recovery

We carry cumulative grief that can easily be mistaken for and treated as depression.


Gratitude as a Practice

This simple act changes the frequency in ones inner world, thus creating change in the outer world.


Thought Awareness/Thought Stopping/Thought Replacement

A simple formula that can change the course of your life.

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Cessation of Negative Self-Talk/Self Critic

Most of us habitually think self-deprecating thoughts day after day, year after year.

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Dreams/Dream Journaling

There is so much information about ourselves to unlock by paying attention to our dreams.



So many relationships are destined to fail. The choices we make reflect deeply hidden emotions.

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