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The problem with fear

My beloved husband was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer in January of 2020. Great timing with the emergence of Covid and so much world craziness. :(

It is easy to feel panic and fear, and want to 'get rid' of this monster that has inhabited our body ASAP. Please remember that I am not a doctor, nor am I making medical recommendations. All that I am suggesting here is that you slow down the racing thoughts of doom, and look at several options. Traditional 'cures' for cancer have its merits. There are many of us who favor more holistic and natural approaches to health and combating disease. I have amassed a huge file over these 4 years. This subject is one of many that can open Pandora's box. We decided to try an alternative approach and have had the good fortune of my husband's health restored and maintained. Close friends tried to talk us out of what we were about to do. I am grateful for my own skills in research, and my understanding of divine guidance.

I would like to present a simple statement for this and every topic I discuss on this blog, and hopefully with you:

We approach everything we do or think either from a place of LOVE or FEAR. If you really break it down, you will realize that this is a universal truth. Why not approach a cancer diagnosis from a place of love rather than fear? That may sound crazy, but we sent love (through mediation and visualization) to these cells as a part of the healing process. Our emotions have the power to change the 'climate' inside our bodies:

This article references a book I read 4 years ago called Radical interesting read for anyone dealing with cancer.

More to come on this topic...

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