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Beware of (and be grateful for) your thoughts!

Many years ago, along my spiritual journey, I "stumbled" (to clarify...we never really stumble. The book or teacher comes to us when we are ready) upon this book:

It was beautifully written in 2006, and Esther Hicks is still providing material in various forms for our betterment. It will be a stretch for some of you to comprehend or believe that a book can be written by channeling another being. It is more common than you may know. Please look at other examples like "A Course in Miracles" or "Seth Speaks" if this topic inspires you.

Simply stated, the Law of Attraction is the universal law that governs our ability to manifest our desires and create the life we want. Sounds great, right? Just like the law of relativity, cause and effect (karma), divine oneness to name a few...understanding and applying it creates a life of ease, or being 'in the flow', whereby people, situations or objects seem to show up effortlessly. It is an aspect of the limitless-ness we are SUPPOSED to be enjoying and exploring while we are having this experience on planet earth.

You may be familiar with another book that hit the scene hard in 2006...The Secret. It was a wonderful "gateway" primer into the world of self discovery and the unlocking of our hidden power. If I recall it clearly, in one scenario, a man thinks about an elephant, and appears in his room. Law of Attraction does not work quite that way. In fact, it can be very frustrating as we attempt to put it into play. Unfortunately, old programs (yes...very much like computer programs) run deep inside all of us, mostly unbeknownst to us. They absolutely prevent us from 'willing' events or people in to being. These old programs CAN be brought into the light and removed, thereby allowing what you desire to flow through to you.

I will leave you with a profound thought:

We are ALL manifesting, every minute of every day. Unfortunately, much of it is not what we desire. Most of us are not aware that we can direct this powerful Law to work in our favor.


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