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Create the Life you desire

There is so much to say on this topic. Let me begin with a link to an article that has a friendly infographic and is not overwhelming:

In my humble view, one of the greatest gifts we receive from CONSISTENT meditation is knowledge of self. When you begin to clear the mind of its endless, repetitive chatter, you become able to SEE where your thoughts go. Believe it or not, most of us are completely unaware of how many unproductive and destructive thoughts play out on a daily basis. The observation of this allows us to deliberately alter a process that has been like a runaway train for most of our lives.

Visualization is an 'adjunct' practice that can be added to your meditation to greatly increase your success, whatever that may mean to you personally. Many years ago, I was trained in what used to be called "The Silva Mind Control Method". There are new names for this set of teachings, but the concept is the same: get your mind into a relaxed (alpha brainwave) frequency, and 'feed' it the positive messages and images you wish to incorporate into your life.

Both meditation and visualization are SIMPLE to execute. What is not EASY is the time and discipline required to turn them into magic!

I believe these practices hold the key to fixing almost any problem or difficulty that a human being can experience.

Much more to come on these topics...

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