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What is truly at the heart of unhappiness?

In 2019, my husband and I did coursework from the Grief Recovery Institute, and became Grief Recovery Specialists.

The Grief Recovery Method is the ONLY evidence based teaching of its kind. It is an instructional template to first help you become aware of losses which may be hiding in your subconscious, then to gain relief/recovery through specific exercises. The instructor told the class something that seemed like a light bulb turning on, as I know it was for her in her moment of discovery. She said that in 30 plus years of counseling, she recognized that the primary 'affliction' people suffer from is GRIEF. In how many cases is grief diagnosed, then treated as DEPRESSION? Makes you think, once you have a bit of knowledge under your belt about what grief is, and its cumulative nature.

Some issues that add to the 'pressure cooker' over time can include death, divorce, loss of health, career, faith and/or safety. There are many more life events and experiences that register as grief.

Could unresolved grief be the cause of your current suffering? We are taught throughout our lives how to acquire things, not what to do when we lose them!

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