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Do you sometimes feel alone?

We are all one. There...I said it.

It is not just a corny expression. We are deeply connected to every being we share this planet with. Fear, judgement, anger, blame, resentment, bitterness and jealousy make us feel separate, disconnected and alone. Not to mention the indoctrination and discouragement from most societal institutions to keep us from higher learning. Separation is just an illusion, but a very powerful one.

Spirituality means 'relating to the divine' and thus experiencing the connectivity with a divine being, your higher self and/or the earth and all of its inhabitants. You are part of the 'whole''. Healing, on this level requires that you bring the disconnected parts back together, with the ultimate goal being peace within oneself. Many practices discussed on this website offer various methods that will appeal differently to each unique individual.

Spiritual healing seeks to remove energetic blockages and to bring your energy flow back in to alignment. The clearing away of paradigms, which I compare to a house of cards (since many of our beliefs are based on non-truths) opens new pathways.

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