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Change your life using a SIMPLE formula!

“Every thought is a form of energy and certain thoughts can take over human beings in the same way that a virus can proliferate and take over the body.” 

~Eckhart Tolle 

In 2010, I was involved in a head-on motor vehicle collision that changed my life forever. In the 'current iteration' of myself, I am endlessly grateful for the day that plucked me off of the gameboard of life.

One of the greatest gifts I received was from the wife of the homeopathic doc who had been my go-to for the biggest issues of my life. It was a book called "Before You Think Another Thought" by Bruce Doyle, (I have not included a link, because I believe it may be out of print, and the vendor supply fluctuates.) and I have given dozens of people a copy to help get them started on their journey.

"What journey", you might ask? Easy...the one that can eventually provide you with MASTERY of your emotions, thus, your life!

The formula is:

Thought awareness/ thought stopping/thought replacement.

Our thoughts are repetitive and habitual, and generally don't serve us. The most amazing part is how little we are actually in touch with this process, and left unchecked, they create all of our dissatisfaction with life. Thoughts that you accept as being true become your beliefs. The accumulation of all of your individual beliefs make up your belief system. Belief precedes experience. In other words, your inner world, based on your thoughts, becomes your outer world experience.

There is a way out of this matrix, beginning with a desire to live a happier life!

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