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Do more with Less!

I was a single mom for many years. There is no greater teacher of frugality than raising kids on your own. Some of us get "lucky"... in the sadness and disorientation of divorce, we may be fortunate to have financial support from family members or from the ex-spouse. Others of us have to find our way through the darkness on our own. This is a difficult path, but I assure you that you will look back one day, and be grateful for the resourcefulness and tenacity you developed, simply to survive. These qualities may also be innate for some of us, but if not, can be cultivated. The correct choices we make in difficult times set us up to be successful in future times, good and bad.

Money and the handling of it is a fascinating thing to observe in our fellow humans. Some folks seem to have a knack for handling it effectively, and some, no matter how much they earn...never seem to make ends meet.

Discipline, and simple budgeting tools can be learned. Have a mental picture of what (material) possessions would add the most value to your life, and that of your family. Everytime the impulse to spend rears its ugly head, mindfully recall what it is that you are working towards. It is amazing how the practice of mindfulness becomes the greatest tool we have to bring us the success and happiness we deserve,

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