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The Primary Instructors:

Shane Wilson founded the Meditation Learning Center in 2002 and is a minister through ordination by the Los Angeles Buddhist Union and the International Order of Buddhist Ministries. He studied meditation throughout the world with American, European, Chinese, Sri Lankan and Thai instructors and is fully dedicated to helping those wishing to experience life with more joy and balance. He believes that by incorporating the correct practice and study of meditation and its related modalities into ones life, this joy and balance can easily be accomplished by everyone.

Shane provides meditation and class instruction for the Arizona International Buddhist Meditation Center of Mesa Arizona (A.I.B.M.C.) as well as providing opportunities through the Meditation Learning Center in the form of classes, courses, retreats and by meeting with individuals as a spiritual mentor and counselor using traditional western therapies along with meditation and mindfulness practices. For more information visit:


Stephanie Cordel has been involved with the Meditation Learning Center since 2013, assisting with content development for the Meditation Teacher Training Program. She teaches informational presentations on various topics related to meditation including Meditation and the Brain, Contemplative Practices, and Mindfulness-Based Therapies. She also has trained independently in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. With a degree in Child Development, she specializes in working with parents and children ages 5 & up. She also works with Mindfulness First to bring mindfulness programs to children in schools across Maricopa County of Arizona. She is passionate about providing children with mindfulness as a tool to promote positive social and emotional development.You can reach her via email at 


Why this program?


Shane and Stephane are recognized as individuals that have a unique ability to simplify the understanding of the mind, make meditation practically applicable in everyday life, and blend East and West to create a systematic approach to self-development that brings about positive change. There goal is to empower people to discover and live their greatest potential by knowing themselves through the practice of meditation, and by taking meditation out into the world to teach others. Shane Believes in teaching people to teach and feels that this is the fastest way to make global improvements.

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Past Students (Certified Meditation Teachers)
Follow this link to read about some of the past students of this program:
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